Help2Protect is an Insider Threat Program funded by the European Commission Internal Security Fund.
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Every company or organisation faces Insider Threats

Any individual with inside knowledge or access has the potential to harm an organisation and its people. To mitigate this Insider Threat, every company or organisation should have an Insider Threat Program in place.

The average cost of an insider incident is € 350.000

Making sure that employees are aware of the Insider Threat is key to addressing the Insider Threat. Employees are the eyes and ears of every organisation. If they share their concerns, they can help to protect the organisation and help to prevent Insider incidents.


You can Help2Protect

In this 30 minute online training module, you will find out how you can help to protect your organisation and your colleagues.


You can Help2Protect

In this 3 hour online training program, you will find out how you can develop an effective Insider Threat Program for your organisation.